Holistic Wellness and Nutrition with Nutritionist Lyssandra Guerra

Develop a relationship to food and yourself so that you can make the BEST choices that heal and nurture your entire well being. Lyssandra Guerra is a certified holistic nutrionist who  focuses on optimising digestion, balancing hormones, preventing dis-ease and creating a reduced-stressed lifestyle so that people can live the life they truly deserve. 


We all get overwhelmed with trying to figure out a nutritional approach that is best suited to our individual selves, whether we want to resolve existing health issues or want to approach a healthier lifestyle.

During our free Discovery Call we will reveal where your blocks are and which areas need the most support.

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Promo pricing for August or September at Take Care for on the following services:

Nutrition Response Testing: initial consult and follow up $275 promo: $250

Private Chef: $125 hour plus $15 a meal, not including food

Supermarket tour or grocery shopper: $150/hr

Pantry Cleanse: $250

Enliven 4- 45min sessions 

ReAwaken in Pure Energy 6-60minsession

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Tune in and Tune up! Customised healing ceremonies aimed at releasing blocks within the body and creating energetic shifts that support your own natural healing abilities.  During these ceremonies we will use a combination of holistic healing modalities to engage the mind, body and spirit to awaken your potential for increased well being. We will use Reiki, to restore balance and flow to ones own natural life force in combination with Tarot, to draw guidance that will help navigate the present moment energies.  We will also use the power of intention and ritual, derived from various ancient wisdoms, to align with purpose and connect to the infinite web of possibilities. Additional therapies used during these ceremonies may include art, cranial sacral massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, meditation, movement, aromatherapy, and sound healing.  

To book a Creative Healing session email Tanya directly at Tanya@takecarewellness.com

90 min $150

2hr $180

Pack of 4 Sessions 10% off