Eyelash Extensions

*Please note, at this time Tanya is unable to accommodate new clients. 


Transform yourself with Eyelash Extensions! Each application is customized to suit your style.

Full Sets

The “Stardust”: A mini lash service that adds that lil twinkle to your eyes. Great intro to extensions. 45min/ $185

The “Magic”: Our most popular! Take Care’s signature Magic lash is a classic 1-1 lash extension set added across your entire lash line to give you that fresh wide eye look, while still appearing natural.  Its magical!! 60-80 lashes per eye 90min/ $250 

The “Supernatural”: This full set is designed to take you beyond. The ultimate in lushes lashes, for those looking for the most dramatic boost! Suggested if you have a naturally thick lash line or getting photo ready. 100 lashes per eye 2hr / $300

The “Moon & the Stars” hybrid set: This is a hybrid set that combines Volume technique, the application of 3 or more light weight extensions onto every single healthy natural lash, with Classic 1-1 lash technique. 2.5hr/ $350


Mini Fill: Recommended every 2 weeks for clients with sparse lashes or those just looking for a little lash tune up. (30min $65)

Regular fill: Recommended every 2-4 weeks to maintain the fullness of the lashes. Must have at least 30% of extensions retained. Anything after 5 weeks will be considered a full-set. 60 min.  (45min $85 )

Premium fill: For clients with Vamp lashes or those unable to come during the initial 2-4 weeks and need a bit more time. Must have at least 30% of extensions retained. Anything after 5 weeks will be considered a full-set. (60min $100)                                              

Extra Time Fill:  For new clients or clients wishing to add volume lashes. Lashes must have been applied clean and properly from previous salon and within the last 3 weeks. If there are any issues with the application and integrity of your natural lashes you will be advised to book a removal and a full set. Must have at least at least 30% of extensions retained. (90min $125 )

Removal $35

15min ADD ONS

Hot Stone Neck Massage: Use this time to unwind while you beautify. Start or end your lash session with a relaxing hot stone neck massage. (15 min $25)

Crystal Reiki Tune-up: Move some energy, clear stagnation and set an intention to not only look good but feel good. ($15 min $25)

Package prices: Buy a 4 pack of Fills and receive 10% off



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Brow Shaping 40

Brow Touch Up 30

The Careful Brow (brow wax and tint) 50

Brow Tweeze 40

Lip 10

Chin 10

Lip & Chin 20

Brow Shaping & Lip or Chin Wax 50

Brow Shaping, Chin & Lip 60

Sides of Face 20

Basic Bikini 45

Extended Bikini 55

Extended Bikini and Between the Sheets 75

First Time Brazilian 75

Brazilian Touch Up 65

Between the Sheets (aka Butt Wax) 20

Full Cheek 30

Underarm  25

Inner Thigh 20

Half Leg 50

Full Leg 90

Feet/ Toes 20

Half Arm 35

Full Arm 55

Knuckle/ Fingers/ Hands 20

Neck / Shoulder 30

Happy Trail 10

Abdomen 40

Chest 40

Half Back 50

Full Back 80

Nose 25

Ears 25

Men’s Brow 25

Basic Bikini and Half Leg 95

Extended Bikini & Half Leg 105

Brazilian Touch Up and Half Leg 115

First Time Brazilian and Half Leg 125

Basic Bikini and Full Leg 135

Extended Bikini and Full leg 145

Brazilian Touch Up and Full Leg 155

First Time Brazilian and Full Leg 165



Lip or Chin 20

Sides of Face 30

Basic Bikini 50

Extended Bikini 60

First Time Brazilian 80

Brazilian Touch Up 70

Between the Sheets 30

Full Cheeks 40

Underarm 30

Half Arm 40

Full Arm 65

Knuckle/ Finger/ Hand 30

Half Leg 90

Full Leg 150

Feet / Toe 30

Happy Trail 20

Inner Thigh 30

Abdomen 50

Chest 50

Half Back 60

Full Back 100

Neck / Shoulder Sugar 40


All services are for all genders however I do not offer  “manzilians/boyzilians” 

Book waxing & sugaring here: https://www.styleseat.com/carefulwaxandsugar?utm_campaign=email_profile_Provider